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The Panther Companies February 2, 2022

Four ways added security can decrease liability in the oilfield

four-ways-addedIncreased demand and oil prices have led to a significant increase in drilling over the past year. The industry lost thousands of workers during the 2020 downturn and companies have been forced to hire inexperienced workers, leading to a slight uptick in safety incidents. Incidents like personnel injury, theft and labor disputes negatively impact operators’ bottom lines. Increased security, particularly remote surveillance at site entrances and work locations, can help mitigate these issues.

  1. Remote surveillance systems are more reliable than manned gate guards

    Traditional manned gate guard systems can be unreliable and costly. Operators must supply the trailer and personnel, who need to be on site 24/7, and hook-ups for water and power. In the current labor shortage, it can be difficult to find qualified personnel to man isolated entry points. Operators are left in a bind if gate guards do not show up for their shift. Remote gate guard systems like Panther’s mitigate these issues, as they operate remotely and unmanned.

  2. Added security increases safety for personnel

    Security systems at the site entrance help prevent unnecessary or uninvited people from entering the work site. This means fewer people in potentially dangerous locations and away from operations involving heavy equipment and high pressures. A security monitoring system can help ensure that only qualified workers, operators and vendors are entering the site, at the time they are supposed to be there.

  3. Surveillance can prevent theft and vandalism

    Across the U.S., oilfield theft costs companies millions of dollars, especially in remote locations with limited security. Just as a security sign and camera near a residential location may be enough to deter theft, a camera at the entrance to a work site will make a would-be thief think twice about entering a particular worksite. Since the camera captures who is entering the site, live monitoring of the system can alert local law enforcement about the security breech as soon as it happens.

  4. Surveillance provides video record of site entrance and wellsite operations

    Surveillance provides a record of not only who is on site at any given time but can provide a video record of what is happening on location. In case of a dispute, injury or theft, a visual record will be critical during litigation and may decrease costs in a lawsuit as expensive attorney time is reduced. In some cases, the video record can resolve billing or invoice questions pertaining to the actual number of loads or deliveries entering or exiting the drilling site.

About Panther Security

Panther Security Services has introduced a monitoring solution designed to complete all your site security requirements. The self-sustaining solution tracks site visitors entering and exiting the site with high-definition cellular and satellite-enabled security video footage. The service helps deter unauthorized visitors, prevents theft and enhances safety as well as promoting a company’s ESG profile. The service is supported by a fully-staffed, 24-hour-a-day command center.

Panther’s remote monitoring solution is ideal for remote or isolated locations, temporary work locations and locations such as storage yards where there may not be personnel regularly on site. In addition to the oil and gas industry, other industries requiring 24-hour monitoring include mining, rail, renewables, game preserves, ranching and construction. Different packages and options are available to provide the right level of security for your remote location. The Panther solution provides:

  • Controlled entry access to your remote location
  • Tracking of visitors, contractors and employees entering and exiting the location
  • Video and log of all personnel entering and leaving the location
  • Deterring unauthorized visitors to the site
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • Full range of options and packages for your specific work location