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Throughout an operation, things change. When you need a new tank, rig mats, or anything in between, Panther has the equipment you need to keep things moving.

We provide a complete drilling fluids treatment so you can concentrate on drilling your wells.

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Experience unmatched production power and efficiency with our new chemical series.


Each basin presents its own unique drilling challenges. At Panther, we have the experience to manage them all. Learn more about how we do it.


Experience Unmatched Production Power and Efficiency

Our Panther Production Pack series is engineered to deliver powerful, aggressive results, boosting completion and production levels to new heights. Our products are designed to work quickly and effectively, enabling you to achieve your objectives with confidence.

claycontrolCLAY CONTROL

Our Clay Control Panther Production Pack product line is designed to effectively treat exposed swelling clays in the fracture network, reducing fines migration and prolonging the integrity of the fracture network. Using electronically optimized substituents that interact with clays, our clay control products anchor the molecule for the encapsulation process. This unique process ensures that our biopolymer backbone is effectively able to control clay swelling and fines migration, providing you with the aggressive results that you need to keep your oilfield operations running smoothly.


ironcontrolIRON CONTROL

Our Iron Control Panther Production Pack product line consists of a range of high-performance iron-control additives that are compatible over a broad range of pH levels and with the full range of our completion fluid additives. Iron control agents are designed to help manage the levels of iron in contaminated reservoir formation waters. They are specifically designed to target zones enriched in dissolved iron, reacting with ferrous iron to prevent the precipitation of ferric iron phases. This keeps iron at the molecular level and facilitates its removal from the reservoir without compromising permeability.

scaleinhibitorsSCALE INHIBITORS

Designed to work in harmony with most oilfield chemistries, our Panther Production Pack product line of Scale Inhibitors delivers the aggressive performance that you need to keep your oilfield operations running smoothly. They are specifically engineered for use in the most challenging oilfield environments. Utilizing advanced polymer chemistry, our scale inhibitors can achieve best-in-class results, even in conditions of high temperature, high TDS, high iron, and high scaling indices.



This product line is specifically designed to dissolve long-chain alkanes and maintain crude oil compatibility, while also dissolving existing paraffin and preventing future build-up in the wellbore. Our flow aid dispersants for API-heavy oils laden with non-alkane hydrocarbons help mobilize cyclic compounds, asphaltenes, and heteroatomic species in oils for a wide range of applications.



Elevate your petroleum production with the Non-Emulsifier Panther Production Pack product line, skillfully designed to break water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions in various crude oil chemistries and API-weight oils. Infused with groundbreaking bio-based surfactant technology, our non-emulsifier products are backed by a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) range of 16.5% to 49%, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and renewable carbon sourcing.


Discover the Panther Production Pack Surfactant product line: a harmonious blend of high performance and environmental responsibility. Our surfactants not only perform at par with traditional products but also boast the sustainable advantages of bio-based materials. Their high compatibility means they effectively address undesirables and blend effortlessly with other surfactants, meeting environmental standards with ease. They’re specially designed to handle complex intermediates without sacrificing performance.

Alongside our surfactants, we also offer the Panther Production Pack micro-emulsion flow aids. This advanced flowback surfactant system is meticulously engineered to maximize hydrocarbon recovery. Moving beyond the limited reach of first-generation products, our flow aids penetrate deeper, accessing areas that others simply can’t. The outcome? Superior hydrocarbon production and a product that boasts a notably reduced carbon footprint. When you choose our bio-based surfactant and flow aids, you’re opting for an impressive boost in the Renewable Carbon Index (RCI), setting it starkly apart from the 0% RCI of traditional synthetics.



Introducing our custom-engineered series of lubricants, designed to enhance your operations and ensure optimal performance in challenging conditions. Our easy-to-mix formulas are specifically engineered to reduce drag during completion and coiled tubing operations. Made with biopolymer-based materials, our lubricants are engineered to withstand high rpm, high rates of penetration, and highly indurated “hard” rock, as well as for deviated holes. Our lubricants are the perfect solution for reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear on your equipment, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Trust our lubricant line of products to provide exceptional performance in even the most demanding environments.


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The Panther Production Pack Sheet

Harness The Panther Advantage™ and experience unmatched production power and efficiency with the new Panther Production Pack chemical series. Download our sales sheet to learn about each chemical and unleash unparalleled production capabilities.

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We provide a complete drilling fluids treatment so you can concentrate on drilling your wells.