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Throughout an operation, things change. When you need a new tank, rig mats, or anything in between, Panther has the equipment you need to keep things moving.

We provide a complete drilling fluids treatment so you can concentrate on drilling your wells.

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Experience unmatched production power and efficiency with our new chemical series.


Each basin presents its own unique drilling challenges. At Panther, we have the experience to manage them all. Learn more about how we do it.

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We combine drilling fluids, solids control equipment, haul-off and disposal services, and engineering expertise to provide a complete fluid management system.


The Panther team has:

  • Reduced drilling fluids costs for operators by up to 25%
  • Developed a unique process for fluids control and management
  • Utilized a high-tech closed-loop system design that reduces the volume of products consumed and liquids and solids disposed
  • Expertly maintained mud properties to run an efficient drilling fluids program
  • Employed expert system design to reduce fluids dilution through better solids removal
  • Provided tanks for mud and fluids, rig mats and other wellsite equipment
  • Provided fully monitored gate-guard services to monitor and control site entrance

Fluids Management

Panther provides a complete drilling fluids treatment and management service, so customers can concentrate on drilling their wells.  

We are experts in configuring, delivering and managing complex fluids systems for all well types. Our expertise in solids control processes and equipment helps reduce overall well costs and maintain an efficient drilling process. Our prescribed systems are designed to fit our customer’s unique drilling programs.

Solids Control

Due to environmental regulations and economic pressures, solids control and closed-loop drilling systems are critical to every drilling operation.

As environmental regulations tighten and pits become a considerable liability, closed-loop equipment plays a more significant role in the drilling process.

Our experts combine shakers, tanks, centrifuges, hydrocyclones and other related equipment for an optimum and cost-effective solids control system.

Haul Off and Disposal

Panther’s haul-off and disposal services complement our fluids programs to eliminate administrative headaches while ensuring safety, compliance, and environmental protection. The logistics of transporting drilling fluids and solids from the wellsite to licensed disposal facilities is a complex operation that our team has mastered.

Proper haul-off and disposal are critical to staying compliant with governmental regulations and avoiding environmental contamination risks. We provide liquid and solid waste disposal, emphasizing vacuum trucks and end/side dump services. We are committed to remaining incident-free and ensuring safety and reliability throughout the haul-off and disposal process.


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