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Throughout an operation, things change. When you need a new tank, rig mats, or anything in between, Panther has the equipment you need to keep things moving.

We provide a complete drilling fluids treatment so you can concentrate on drilling your wells.

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Two-Well Collaboration Sets Operator Performance Benchmark



Tri-C Resources, LLC used Panther’s integrated fluid management services for the first time on a two-well package in central Texas.

The first well, Kainer Unit #1H, was in Fayette County in The Eagle Ford Shale. This well included two segments, a vertical pilot hole and a lateral section. The pilot vertical section was drilled to a depth of 11,278 ft. The well was plugged back to 9,700 ft to allow shale evaluation logs to be run to gather formation data for the lateral section.

An 800 ft core was taken at the bottom of the vertical section, from the top of the Austin Chalk, through the Eagle Ford to the base of the Buda sections, which presented additional formation data for future drilling. This was an important step in the drilling program, and it was extremely important that the mud system was operating in perfect condition to prevent sticking of the coring tool. The core was obtained with no issues providing the operator valuable formation data. Overall, the coring portion of the well took six days to complete.    

The curve and lateral sections were then drilled. The lateral section was drilled to a 9,645 ft length with overall TD to 20,207 ft. At the time, this was the longest lateral length in the area. From start to finish, including the coring job and pilot hole with plug back, the well took 29 days to reach TD.



On this well, Panther provided an integrated package that included mud and mud products, solids control and a closed-loop system and haul-off and disposal services. Tri-C personnel reported that the excellent hole conditions on the pilot well, especially during coring operations, allowed them to obtain the necessary information to plan the lateral section. The result was a good producing well for the operator.

The second well in the two-well package was the Ohnheiser Unit #1H targeting the Austin Chalk. Again, Panther provided a package that included mud and mud products, solids control and a closed-loop system and haul-off and disposal services. This well included a 10,410 ft lateral section and TD of 21,147 ft. The well took 16 days to complete from spud to TD. At the time, this well set new records for lateral length and overall drilling time for the area. The wells also set a new drilling performance benchmark for the operator.



According to Chris Cone, Chief Operating Officer for Tri-C Resources, “It is very important for the mud system and solids control equipment to keep up with the cuttings to maintain the drilling penetration rates. The last thing I need is to stop drilling and circulate because the solids-control equipment cannot keep up. Panther provided a robust, complete system that did just that. We were able to maintain our aggressive drilling program and finish the well in record time.”

Tri-C plans to use Panther’s unique fluid management service on all future wells.


  • Mud program kept the borehole in good condition for obtaining valuable formation data.

  • Solids control system kept up with drilling plan to allow aggressive drilling and penetration rates.

  • The administrative burden was simplified through single-point invoicing and point of contact for any issues that arose during drilling.

  • All operations were performed safely with no incidents.

“Panther provided a robust, complete fluid system that helped us maintain our aggressive drilling program and finish the well in record time.” – Chris Cone, Tri-C Resources.