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Throughout an operation, things change. When you need a new tank, rig mats, or anything in between, Panther has the equipment you need to keep things moving.

We provide a complete drilling fluids treatment so you can concentrate on drilling your wells.

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Each basin presents its own unique drilling challenges. At Panther, we have the experience to manage them all. Learn more about how we do it.

Well Cost Comparison on Adjacent Wells


In a conventional play in Colorado County, Texas, an operator had a unique opportunity to directly compare performance on two adjacent, identical wellbores. Both wells were drilled directionally with a downhole pressure regime that required a heavy 17 lb/gal mud. On the first well, the operator utilized two major fluids companies, one for mud products and another for solids control. For the second well, the operator wanted to lower overall well construction costs and analyzed several options for both mud products and closed loop systems


The operator selected Panther Fluids Management to provide a total fluid management solution including solids control equipment and personnel, waste haul-off and disposal, and all mud products for the job. The mud engineer from the first well was retained for the second well. The solids control equipment utilized on the second well was a more complete and robust package and included an on-call solids control expert.


  • Significant savings in mud costs.
  • Overall more efficient operation.
  • Operator better focused on drilling the well, not dealing with fluid-related issues.
  • No safety incidents. All wellsite activities were executed safely.

“Panther managed all the fluid management-related issues, relieving the operator from dealing with multiple vendors, paperwork, permits, or invoices.”


The more complex solids control package utilized on the second well resulted in higher daily costs for the equipment. But by combining the more sophisticated solids control equipment with quality mud products and a mud engineering program, the operator was able to realize a significant savings in mud costs due to an overall more efficient operation.

Having a single vendor manage the mud and disposal systems was the key advantage for delivering optimal efficiencies and a cost savings for the operator. Panther managed all the fluid management-related issues, relieving the operator from dealing with multiple vendors, paperwork, permits or invoices.

Since then, Panther has performed over 13 additional fluids management projects for this operator across Texas and Louisiana.

"The more complex solids control package included additional equipment that enhanced the solids control process resulting in greater efficiencies and lower well costs."